Clifford Shearing is a sociologist working within criminological and regulatory arenas.  

His established scholarly work has focused on the production of security and safety and on developments that have transformed the ways in which security governance is authorised and provided.

In his applied work, he has used understandings of security governance to enhance the quality (both effectiveness and justice) of security governance, with a particular focus on disadvantaged communities.  This work has been undertaken in a variety of global context and has often been done in the context of commissions.

Shearing’s current work is focused on shifts in earth systems (climate change) as well as developments in cyber space, and their associated ‘harmscapes’ — for example, the increasing frequency and ferocity of wildfires and cyber attacks on the banking industry.  A particular focus of this work, being undertaken with Benoit Dupont from the University of Montreal, has been on exploring the responses of security professionals, across a range of organisations.  A closely related research focus, undertaken with Jan Froestad, University of Bergen and Cameron Holley, University of New South Wales, has been on energy transitions from high carbon to low carbon energy economies, as a response to climate change.  

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